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6:24 a.m. - March 15, 2004
Feelin the Ledge
GAWD I am tired....this weekend was supposed to be a lay low weekend...BUT NOOOOOO

Saturday night me, Chantel, Gina, Jeff and this guy Mark went to Tuscany to see SJ and the boyz play. We took Torchy. it was so fucking cool...Mark and James and SJ all played it consecutively and it was the awesomest of awesome. That geetar is fuckin SMOKIN!!!

Saturday night I really wanted to stay home but Gina and Steven came over and me and her, Jeff and Steven all went down to the Beachball then to the Goat. It was pretty uneventful but I did get to see alot of old buds...

Then last night..Of COURSE..Liquid Lounge. I have so much fun there Gina and I danced all night. There is this guy that goes there...Fuckin SMOKING..he hasta be close to my age...shoulder length Black hair...white contacts..he looks like a cross between Trent Resnor and Marilyn Manson...Gina loves him ..I just love to look at him...He is so HOTT and dances...Oh man...never seen anything like it all my life...We call him the "Bat Caver" cuz he is totally Dark...and totally lickable!!! Jeff got HAMMERED...April and Steven showed up and Nader came with Gina. April was bummed cuz she and Matt just broke up..Matt is Hott and needs to be in circulation...She is cool but a bit tiddie baby...ugh.

Jeff was here all weekend...And I really didnt want him to go..even tho I did kinda want a little of me time...It'll be good to go home from work and be able to chill alone. Plus I am tired as shit.

Well I am, AS USUAL, running late so I guess I better get with it. I am sure Ill feel better after I shower...



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