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12:27 p.m. - March 15, 2004
A Song for You Know Who
Lookin' back on time

Ooh we had it made

Together we had the world

Just you and I

It begins to fade

Now I spend my time

Wishin' you were here with me

Oh I wanna tell you now

Wanna tell you now

Just look into my eyes

You are the one

The one I need

To make my dreams come true

Oh you should know

I love you so

And I can't go on without you

I walk the streets alone

Starin' into space

Ah you never told me

Why can't we talk it out, oh

All of these lonely nights

I lie awake waiting for you

Just waiting for you

Won't you come back for me

And let my fantasy come true

Just me and you

You know you make

My dreams come true, yeah

You are the one

Anytime day or night

You know it's alright

with me, yeah



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