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5:59 a.m. - March 17, 2004
Pink Eye
I Am not going to work today cuz I have PINK EYE. And a sinus infection. I cant do this its KILLING ME. I am so vain I cant not wear makeup. FUCK.

Paco is insane today, running all over his cage...And staring at me with this insane chicken stare. CREEPY.

So I guess it is pretty much sleep all day for me. Maybe Ill try to go to work. I prolly shouldnt but sheesh I dunno. They say this crap is contageous...I think all the fuckers I work with need to contract it too. Esp. Moc. Can you believe the little jackhole STILL isnt talking to me??? I am sure that boss is pissed to high hell but oh well. I cant help it.

I think Jeff and I are gonna be alright...that is IF he gets his ex out..he has 28 days...tick tock tick tock...

Well I am gonna go lay down before I fall down...My eye HURTS!!!!



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