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6:27 a.m. - March 18, 2004
Thursday Slide
Im Better...yay...eye isnt completely clear but its white-ish again...And the flu much better...Long Hair brought me some OJ so I am mucho better...

I started learning my geetar yesterday...fuckin strings hurt my fingas...but none the less I am gonna learn the fucking thing.

Jeff stayed over last night and in the middle of the night Harley decides to reconstruct the inside of his cage and to make it worse, the little fucker mumbles under his breath is the most bizarre thing ever. And annoying as shit. Wierdo.

So Gina and I are gettin revved up for PBF on friday and I am excited. Should be cool just us gurls...

Well I guess I better get ready for work...ugh...I hope Moc Gets my shit...



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