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4:20 a.m. - March 19, 2004
Rockin With the Floyds!
Well I am off to see Pretty Boy Floyd Again in the Valley tonight...I cant flippin wait!!!!

Anyways...I am taking off work at 2:30, comin home and throwin shit in a bag and Gina and I are headed out for a night of rockin just us gurls! Should be cool. I do miss Jeff tho. I kinda got used to him being around. But I think that a couple of days off will do both of us some good ya know?

Harely is having sex with his rattle again...Its freaking me out.

I am still on the recieving end of the silent treatment from Moc at work. Slave Driver keeps getting in my face and telling me to talk to him but what he doesnt realize is that I have flipping tried and the bastard still wont talk to me. It takes 2 to tango and I am not dancing this dance alone any longer. OVER IT AIGHT?!?

New roomie is fuckin awesome...I dont think we coulda made a better choice. He is fun and funny and fits in great...right now things are smooth and good. All the boys get along and the house is looking great. Car is sexy (even with the missing hubcap), hell aside from being a millionaire I dont know how things could get better ya know.

Well gotta go bathe...Prolly wont write for a couple of days as I will be incapacitated...Tonight staying up north..If I get home in time tomorrow and am not dead on my feet ill write, but the man is comin down for the rest of the weekend soooo maybe late monday...




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