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2:41 p.m. - March 22, 2004
Shamless Reviews...Pretty Boy Floyd ...Paladinos
Wow what a weekend...I am a bit behind writing today but Jeff was at the house this morning and I didnt have time to get on here. So SORRY..

Well Gina and I went to see PBF in the Valley friday night at Paladinos...we had a BLAST. Hung out with the band and partied in the parking lot before the show...did some serious damage to a bottle of Jack...took tons of pics and best of all made some new are some fotos....

here is me and Gina and Bobby

And here is me and Chad

Chad was a total sweetie and even tho he HATED Torchy, Played it the whole show.

Here is a couple of all the gals and Steve

I made some really cool new buds..Here is Billy, his wife, me and Bobby

All in all I can say that this owas one of the top nights ever...we had such a great time...a big thanks goe out to the guys in PBF for being so cool to us and letting us tail gate with ya (even when you ran off the 'groupies')

here is one last little pic of me Gina and Torchy pre show...just hadta post it..even tho it isnt the best...

Well Im outty for now but Ill wrote more tomorrow about other occuances over the weekend...




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