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5:59 a.m. - March 23, 2004
Happy to Be Me
Monday came and went and here I am smack in the morning of Tuesday.

There isnt much going on this weekend which is good cuz I am broke. There is however a video shoot for Pretty Boy Floyd this Sunday and we are tentatively going.

Jeff is comin over tonight. YAY. And I believe Michael is gonna he having his friend John over also. Should be a good evening. I just wanna finish my picture I am drawing and get it hung.

Paco has gotten very adventuresome lately and hs taken off for a stroll on the floor for the past two days. Harley tried to join him but he ran back to his cage. All HAr really cares about is sex with his rattle. Sick little bird. He is jabbering to himself alot more lately too. Jeff thinks its makes me nuts (not so bad really but I like to bitch a little).

Hadnt talked to D lately. I hope she is okay. hmmmmmm. Nader wrecked his Porche last saturday. And I hope he is okay. Things in the outer circle are odd.

Bio called yesterday and wants to talk to me about helping out with promoting Pretty Boy Floyd. That would be soooo cool...I remember back on July 25th when I went and saw them at the Galaxy...What a great show and now I KNOW them and hang with them and can actually be apart of something I think is great.

It just hit me how great things are...I got the most incredible friends..old and new..and fucking awesome boyfriend that my friends actually LIKE and likes being a part of my group (and that is rare)...I have 2 fuckin awesome roomates and a rockin cool house (new decor helps) and a sexy ass car that is gonna be totally pinpin for the Z show this year...and now possibly a new position comin up at work and new extra work with PBF...Damn I Am lucky...



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