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6:27 a.m. - March 24, 2004
Return of Scuba
Hump Day....Jeff just left. He seemed a little stressed out to be honest. I dont know what the deal is there. MAybe he needs a break? Maybe his ex skag needs to get her shit out.

I had a nightmare that when his time was up he just let her stay. Guess I shouldnt get too attached yet huh? Oh well too late really but I am not taking any shit.

I think mercury must be in retrograde or the planets are fucked cuz people are acting strange.

I have nothing fun or exciting to report just the same ole same ole. I have a shit load of emails to reply to and a durty house.

Scuba surfaced yesterday. He is at the Holiday Inn in Costa Mesa til Friday. I would love to see him. And even tho still waters run deep thats a path I hafta choose not to fun as things with him were at the time I cant do it again and I think he knows it. I may meet him for a few just to say hi for old times sake. He is a great guy...just with one little issue and thats why I just cant.

Well I am of course late....emails I need to return will hafta wait til after I get to the I am off to shower and clear my head...



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