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6:23 a.m. - March 25, 2004
More Pics from PBF~
Well I figgered since my friend Billy got me the rest of the pics from this past weekend at Paladinos I would post some of the favorites here...So here goes nuthin...

I think this one goes without explaination

Here is a decent one of me and Big Dawg

Me, G and Steve

Damn I love Chad

Here is Chad and Billy sayin how big their Dicks

Me givin Billy a long awaited and much needed birthday spankin!!!

Now I am gonna switch gears for a sec and rant about how fuckin AWESOME my Torchy looks on stage...check it I WRONG?!?

Okay so I am sure people are sick to death of me talking about how much I love these guys...but you only get good friends and fun like this once in a lifetime...and I love eveyone of them...

Ah I am off to hell




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