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6:20 a.m. - March 26, 2004
Rollin Into the Weekend
Looks like the party is at my place tonight. Well we had all talked about going out, or doin something in LA but I seriously need to get my ass in gear and start workin on Punkin AND save a little cash. I am a broke bitch.

So instead I invited Bobby and Mario, Billy and Shar, Gina and Jeff and of course me and the roomies to hang for BBQ. I dont know why I do stuff like that I just do. I am the party-meister i suppose. Now I gotta get all my shit done and the house cleaned and shit before the gang all shows up over here. I am sure itll be fun I just gotta chill a bit.

Sunday is gonna be off the hook cuz we are all going to a video shoot for PBF and Steves birthday at Gotham in LA..THAT will be NUTS.

I been in kinda a wierd mood lately. I think after this weekend I may need a little me time for a couple of days. I am really happy with whats going on in my life right now I just need some quiet lock down like I am used too. I didnt ease out of it. No big just a thought.

Anyways I have one more day to close out this day in my hell dimension...I seriously need a new and better paying job...

I have more Torchy pics to get from Savon today so I will have more of those posted next week. I hung Torchy last night and need to get the last couple of my posters up ad the pics of the peeps playin that geetar...Damn my house is cool...

Okay off to get clean...and have an Uber-Fab weekend!



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