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5:22 a.m. - April 01, 2004
Ring Phone Ring!
Wierdness abounds...

First Pop Tart surfaces AGAIN. And AGAIN with the text messages. I have met some un balanced people in my life but this guy seriously takes the cake.


I dont know why he keeps buggin and for that matter why I keep responding...gawd.

Stress called last night...gotta call him back. He is cool.

Billy called...gotta call him back.

Some chick called and said she had found my number in her boyfriends pants AND that I was on his cell and she had found some websites. I dont give a fuck. Break up with him and dont call me after 8pm freak. She left her number. I am NOT calling her back.

Gina called and said Jeff called her like 5 times last night. I am beginning to think maybe they should go out. Im not mad at all...I dont care...I think its kinda funny. He wouldnt be calling so much if he had a cell. Sis and G may be right..I may be done I dunno.

Goin out with Denise saturday night to Manhattan Beach I guess and dinner...should I take Torchy? Naw prolly not.

I like being alone way too much I think. The last few days have been bliss.

I think I know one thing that is outta funniness hasnt been on cue lately...Thats no good...I need to find my funny....maybe I will this weekend..

Well I am gettng OT at work so I guess I better vamoose...



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