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5:29 a.m. - April 02, 2004
Steppin Out!!!
It rained like a Mo Fo yesterday...lightning and was awesome..havent had that since I left Texas.

I feel my foulness ebbing a bit. I wrote funny stuff on My Space for Gina and that was cool.

I have a couple of new issues on the Jeff front..First he calls Gina all the time. I suppose he thinks I am needing my space and thats cool BUT...geez she says it aint about his taxes anymore...and he is having dreams about Chantel...I think he is around my friends way too much. Possibly the evaluations must begin. She also told me he is melodramatic and clingy...GEEZ ya THINK?!?

I am gonna go to LA tonight I think and hang out with Gina..maybe go bar hopping. Not too sure she said she wants to come here so we are throwin caution to the wind and letting the weather decide but I think I may call her and tell her lets just go out down here. Its cheaper. I can go to LA when the BS with Jeff subsides. However I did tell my friend Stress we would meet up for a drink...but nothing set in stone.

So anyways...last day of semi long days...I am going in at 7 so I can split at 330-ish maybe 4.

I need to get movin but I will have more pics for this thing next week of this weekend...esp if I go to LA..

Rock On!



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