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6:10 a.m. - April 05, 2004
Wow Im tired
Well the weekend is over and i have lost an hour in there somewhere. Not that it truly matters tho, I slept most of the day yesterday. Well inbetween telephone scream fasts with Jeff and Gina.

Weekend was decent. Did nothing friday nght and saturday went out with G to Pierce Street and the Goat. Met up with my friend David and we partied like rock stars...well without the drugs. HA. And speaking of David...uh...WOW. Thats all I gotta say...Interesting fellow that one.

Woke up yesterday to the hangover from hell. (thank you Jack) and headed back to bed. Aparantly my down days has an adverse affect on society. I cant help it if I need a day to recover from partying like a rock star. People need to get a life...other than mine and when I am out of circulation fucking go on.

Speaking of rock stars...I guess the word got around to Taime that my house is a shrine to him. So I wake up to an email from him...HMMMM...Odd. Very very odd. He never writes me. Hafta see where that goes I guess.

I need to talk to Britt today. Ill call her later.

I feel like I been run over by a steam roller. Prolly from a combination of 'pro wrestling' saturday night and sleeping it off sunday. So I am gonna go see if dousing myself in really hot water helps.

I do hafta say I had a pretty good weekend and when the coast is clear maybe ill elaborate...anyone reading this and wants the sticky details of my bar fight and after hours just ask...HA HA HA!!!



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