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5:41 a.m. - April 07, 2004
The Wall
SO last night I got home from work and ate some soup and started laundry. Syovar went out and helped me get the smelly wet LP's outta the trunk of Michaels car. THAT was gross. Luckily the vinyl doesnt mold so 90% of the LPs were in decent shape. Some were covered in black mold (this guy was nasty lemme tell ya) so I just threw them out. What made me sad was there was like a Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden that were beyond repair...oh well I still got over 200.

So Chantel stops by to visit about 5:30 while I put some of these up on the wall. I figgered I havent seen her in ages and I could use the estrogen factor to make sure I get them up all even steven. And then, as the night progressed, we ended up covering one whole wall in records.

Its nuts. I dont think Syovar likes it too much. And it is gonna take some getting used to. But I am sure it will be fine once I grow accustomed to it. I did take pics and I am hoping to use up the film this weekend and post pics of this crazy place.

Still getting emails from Taime...however I did grow a set of Brass ones and asked him WTF with the sudden interest. Ya know I wanna hear it from him. I hate looking a gift horse in the mouth but sheesh...I mean he is a rockstar...fuck... I have already been down this why me road...

Tried to tell Jeff it wasnt gonna work. He wouldnt let it go and wrote me a really long sweet letter about how he was a selfish ass and only thinking of himself...blah blah blah. I have asked him and Gina NOT to talk about me but I guess it happened again. She called with the spanish inquision...wanting to know where he and I stand and I told her I dunno. If this shit comes between she and I, I am not only gonna be pissed to high hell but I am gonna mame him...When I say I am not girlfriend material...hell that should be a clue...oh well, he taled me into going on a "date" friday night. I dunno. I may hafta cancel. This shit has gotten way too wierd. We will see.

I hope I can deal with that Okay Im out I gotta get gas this am.




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