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8:26 a.m. - April 08, 2004
Spinnin Wheel
So my life gets just more and more complicated and all I do is sit here.

First ...yeasterday afternoon Adrian called. He and the fat chick split up and she moved out and he was thinkin he could come out and visit soon. OH HELL YEA!!!!

I dont care how many years it has been I still love him. You know your first love sticks with you for life...That will never change. He was the perfect guy for me and I believe in some wierd way he always will be. He even said yesterday that he and I had the perfect relationship.

So when he comes out he wants to stay with me...would we have it any other way? NAW

Gina is foul this week. I guess she is really busy at work. However she and I need to iron out the "Jeff" issue and get on with the party I guess she will call when she is in the mood.

Jeff, gawd I am supposed to go out with him tomorrrow night. I havent cancelled. I dont have the heart to but I think things are all gonna come to the forefront tomorrow. the emails just keep comin...I asked him why the sudden interest...he wont tell me...fucker...he's cool tho. I mean a chance of a lifetime...what have I got to lose?

David and I chatted briefly last night and decided that we wouldnt be able to be 'social' together and that is becuase we have way to many differences and are so different on a personal level. Its okay I wasnt looking to be his woman anyway...Im a little too much for him on a social level. We had a connection. we both know what it was...and thats all it was.

I decided I like the record wall. Its cool.

I am tired. I overslept and hadta rush out the door. Still havent had coffee and it seems like everything is outta control. I kinda like a little bit of that but its wearing me out mentally. I need to discard the energy vampires. Maybe tonight before CSI I'll do a little chakra alignment. That could help.

Okay well back to being a lemming...more later



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