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7:00 a.m. - April 09, 2004
When Its Over~It's Over
Its funny the ways shit goes down ya know?

I got home to no electricity last night. The guys hadnt given me the money for bills so I didnt pay them and of course Edison jumps on that shit.

So Chantel called and Michael and I went over there for dinner and to try to set up her computer. Its a piece of junk and already has that fuckin worm on it so I gotta go back and try again.

It was cool. I guess Syovar stayed hiome and slept. he just gets pissed if he cant get on the net. Not my fault dude. Well at least 100% anyways.

I talked to Gina last night to find out that Jeff had called her really early in the AM just to "check in" and he uses the "im checking on my taxes" excuse. Then he called back and asked her to go to dinner. ODD...this is after he told me that he wasnt paying all his bills so he could help his parents out. He is amazing. Anyways, long story short, she was a bit bothered by all the I told her that was it. I like her as a friend more than him as a boyfriend and I was gonna call it quits. I am just too stressed to deal with him doing this all the time.

Well...I went home and to bed about 10:30 and at like 10:45 (when he knows I am usually asleep) he calls me and tells me he thinks its not working out and wants to just be friends and he thinks it is easier for me if he does that.

Beat me too the punch...but thats better I guess. Now that's over he and i can both move on. And i can hang out without feeling like I should feel guilty. The lyrics I posted before this entry are for him...

So today I guess I am gonna work til 3:30 and then go home and shower. I may possibily go over to Chantels again, not too sure yet. Or just stay home and chill out.

I'm glad this week is over, it was a wierd one....



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