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11:33 a.m. - April 09, 2004
Roll Call
I thought maybe I outta do a Roll Call to bring everyone up to speed on the who's who in my So Called here goes nothin.

Syovar (Russ)~ My roommate for 3 years. Computer geek, online gamer, uncle to my birds, Security Guru at South Coast Plaza.

Michael ~ My new roomie. Been here since March 1. Gay, funny as hell, moved here from Chicago to go to Paul Mitchell School of Hair Design.

Gina ~ Met her thru some mutual friends (Sammy & Chantel) Loves Rock & Roll like me and rocker dudes. Totally by far the best party buddy I have ever had.

Chantel ~ Retail Diva and total hottie. Blonde hair, green eyes and legs that are non stop. Drives a Benz, owns a condo..typical 90210 lookin chicky. Great friend. Very versatile.

Cyclops (Christine) ~ Roommate before Michael and ex co-worker. Lived with me for a year and now lives in Fullerton so she can go to school. It was best she was always out there anyways. However for the of the BEST people walking the face of the earth...I love her bunches.

Paco ~ My Red Fronted Amazon Parrot that I smuggled in from TJ 2 a little over 2 years ago.

Harley ~ My Green Cheek Conure and royal Pain in the ass.

Sammy ~ Bass player for Echo Love Chamber. Met him on Yahoo Personals and went out a few times. Too many hang up s (love of Asian wimmin too) and the fact that we are alot alike made us both realize we were better off buddies. He has introduced me to all the major players.

Adrian ~ The first love of my life back in Dallas. Uber-fab drummer. We should still be together but with him ill take what I can get. Ill never love anyone like I love(d) him.

Fixx ~ Hottie tottie in Singapore I have been talking to for a while. I was gonna pay for him to come her e but he fucked off way too long. Now it is up to him to get it going. I want him here...but need for space and lack of his fundage may contribute to that never happening. Either way he has touched my heart in many many ways.

Punkin ~ My Car... 1975 280Z, Persimmon passion, My sexy micro machine.

D (Denise) ~ Been my friend for over 3 years�met her thru my ex (the Jew)�very spiritual and cool�A bit uptight but we get along great other than our taste in men.

Suz ~ Rocker chick to the core. Hubby drives a concert tour bus. She has issues with $$ and marriage but who doesn�t. I met her when I was in the hotel biz�we will be friends forever.

Big Dawg (Bobby) ~ Works for Pretty Boy Floyd as their merchandiser. Met him on the PBF website and in person at the Paladinos show. He digs Gina�

Bio (Billy) ~ Webmaster for Pretty Boy Floyd. Very cool.

Taime ~ Lead singer for Faster Pussycat�My Idol

Jeff ~ was a new found love interest �now just ....�

Soy Boy (Mark) ~ My bestest friend at work. Gay, cool as hell, fun and totally lets me rant non-stop...I think I woulda just gone berserk if he hadn�t been around.

Torchy ~ My BC Rich electric Geetar

Paris ~ Cool guy I met on MySpace. We interfaced once�now we are real good buds.

Slave Driver aka Fat Head (Jay) ~ My boss

Moc (Alex) ~ The doofus I share an office with

Scuba ~ (William) A sexual interest�and a friend�for the most part pretty much gone�but resurfaces to shake me up every now and then�even tho we aren�t �you know� anymore.

R (Ricky) ~ My first friend in Cali and the first guy I interfaced with here�sexy lips...good friend forever.

Cobbler (Chris)~ Met him at a bar�Interfaced A LOT...he travels back and forth between here and Australia�gone for the most part but still a lingering thought.

Pop Tart (Mark) ~ Freak I met on Yahoo personals and went out with a couple of times�mental, off balance, insane�should I go on �oh yea and a text message maniac.

Topher (Christopher) ~ Hottie with issues�was around then GONE�who knows�

Chili Pepper (Trudi) ~ Good friend. Met her thru the Jew, does chili cookoffs�gives me good advice and lets me rant�best thing about her? She accepts me for who I am�

Jew (Jeff) ~ First love interest in cali. We worked together at the hotel. He is the reason I started this diary�not even a speck in my life but he had an impact so he well deserves mention. He is a bit insane and will never be satisfied�.but that is not my problem any more.

I think that�s it for now and if I think of any more I will add them later�.I kinda need to work I suppose�UGH



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