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7:05 a.m. - April 11, 2004
Mi Casa
Well for Continuitys sake and cuz I said I would I am posting fotos of my house and the record wall...

Here are the records on the hall wall that comes into the den.

And here are a couple of Torchy hanging over the fireplace.

This is one of the small side walls and all of them kinda have records like this..ya know to keep the flow goin.

And now here is the big wall with all the records on it...Pretty intense!

Suhweeeet...I am really loving my house!!!

Oh the flip side last night turned out to be a total bustola...Gina flakes and they all hung at Chantels house. I was so not into it. I did meet some new guys from Minnesota and I am gonna go hang with them today and tonight. I did tell Gina that she did it time twice this weekend and that was unacceptable. So if she stands me up tonight thats it. But ya know I really dont care. I am going out with or without her.

Jeff hasta come get his stuff today. I dont wanna be here when he comes. Way too much drama and trying way to hard to "be friends"...

I am trying really hard to be cool with people being flakes and there musta been something in the water last night cuz...well...even Taime emailed me and he didnt wake up til it all worked out for the best anyways...I was mad last night...I am not mad anymore.



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