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5:18 a.m. - April 13, 2004
Basic Babble
I am so fruckin tired. I couldnt sleep when I got home and I am working til 5:30 today. I need the money tho and overtime and they extra hundo is gonna help alot.

Didnt hear from Matt yesterday but I am willing to betcha he was as tired as I was if not mre. I mean I get to sit at my desk all day and stare. He actualy was getting trained. UGH.

I swear things get more and more disturbing with Jeff too...I mean he tells me he is comin to get his shit...throws these little fits cuz he needs his jacket and then nothing...doesnt show or bother to call. He is a pain in the ass thats for sure. He is gonna wanna come down tonight and I think Britt is coming over...Sorry Charlie tonight wont work.

Gina is goin to Mexico with Steven this weekend. Which is fine. I have no money to go anywhere and I need to do some shit around here. She is gonna wanna go to Liquid Lounfs Sunday which is fine with me I can go and not drink. No big.

So I am off for the shower and then to the hell diminsion...Noth too exciting to report. Just a slow week and that is a welcome change.



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