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1:32 p.m. - April 14, 2004
Fun Had By All
Ya know its hard as fuck to update this thing if I have company�and this AM I did�and it was a good thing.

Last night the guys from 13th Step came over. Both Shawns, Matt, & Chuey and brought BBQ stuff�then Gina and a new face �Jason� showed up and Michael and John and Russ and me and Britt. For the most part they all sat around watching DVD�s and was a good evening.

Matt ended up sleeping over and totally behaved AGAIN�its so nice to sleep with someone and actually sleep. He is really nice. Smells GREAT. And pretty intense�hell I think I said it a million times...they are ALL wicked cool.

I am so happy to have new friends�Life is good.

Jeff wanted to come over and get his shit last night. And fortunately I was able to catch him before he came down. Gina was a trooper and said she would take his box of shit and get rid of it�well leave it for him to pick up. I prolly will never hafta see him again�and that isn�t necessarily a bad thing. Something is seriously up with him�best to just back away slowly.

Its funny cuz I was thinking about him and how great things were the first couple of weeks and how they went south so fast. I don�t think it was all one or the other of us�prolly mostly me but still a lot him too and his freakiness. I guess you never REALLY know ya know?

Well anyhoo, I am gonna keep this quick and head on back to being a lemming�just wanted to update before the day ended�I think I am tired�ugh



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