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2:22 p.m. - April 15, 2004
The Beast
I wanna know...what is it about the copy machine that makes people stupid?

As everyone knows already I work for a Fat Head in a Hell Dimension as a lemming...but I am no dumb ass...

I sit by the copy machine, walled in by file cabinets just a stones throw away from the factory floor... and women...mostly Mexicain...come in to use the copy machine.

But for some reason when a person steps up to this beast they become absolute retards.

If it doesnt go right when they press the Green GO button..they just stand there and stare at me...Like I have some masters degree in working the fuckin thing...

Paper Jam ~ Stare at ME

Refill Paper ~ Stare at ME

Toner Low ~ Stare at me

Need ta email? ~ Stare at me

Scan? ~ Stare at me

Fuck even if they cant find paper they just stand there and stare....

It can be more than one person say someone fucked up the machine...and someone else walks up...they will all read the error message and then just turn around and stare at me...

Sometime if I ignore them they will start grunting at me...I dont know what that is about but WTF?!? Hell I cant get it to put the copies I make in any sort of order...

The next time some ignorant ass stands there and stares at me I am gonna throw my stapler at them I swear...



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