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5:39 a.m. - April 15, 2004
The return of the Pink
Pink is back...well sorta...

Per request (thanks Matt) Michael assisted in redying my black streak in my hair and putting a new pink streak in it. It isnt like the fucking pick mess I had before. This is a bit more controled. And since Michael is an arTISTE! It looks great.

That all I did last night.

I did go into the red zone for a bit cuz I thought we were gonna hafta move. I cant tolerate Frank our land lord and he sent me a nasty voice mail. He wont fix anything around here and he said if I want stuff done he is gonna raise te rent. Luckily I emailed Elaine and she siad just get it together and we are all cool. WHEW.

Well anyways...I am late again and this time I am alone....So I am gonna go get on it and get to the salt mine for a really long ass day...




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