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3:30 p.m. - April 16, 2004
Breakin The Law
Hows this for being born under a lucky star?

I almost went to jail today.

I was going to work and rolled thru a stop sign to turn...

Assface cop pulled me over...

Now this is where it gets

I got a ticket back in 02..and I didnt pay it. When I called to find out about it they had no record. SO I blew it off. The reason they has no record was becuase the cop wrote the info down wrong on the ticket and they had me living in Santa Ana Texas. Anyway when you get a ticket in Cali...with an out of state license...they issue you a Cali DL number and then suspend it.

So I have been driving on a suspended license and I didnt know it. I Didnt have my insurance card or my registration with me. I havent registered my car in my name and aparantly he thought it might be stolen.

Anyways ...He made me park the Z and then told me to walk but I had called my roomie and he was on his way to get me. he was gonna impound my car but we went back and got it before a wrecker came and it is in my garage. Problem is if I get caught driving before I get the 500 fine paid i go to jail.

So now i am in a big pickle

I gotta come up with 500 bux to get my ass outta this sling..God I hope I dont see that cop again...GEESH!



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