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5:59 a.m. - April 16, 2004
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Thank the gods this week is over....I am sooooooo sick of all the wierd little stress I had. I hafta work a regular day so I wont be getting in today til like 5. SUX.

I think Gina is coming down tonight to play with me since she is going to Mexico with Steven tomorrow. We may go down to the studio and hang with the guys...Not too sure yet.

Talked to Fixx last night and he is dead set on coming here. He is in Bali right now and seems to think he can get the money together faster and get a cheaper flight from there. OH my...he even asked me for my phone number so he could call me when he got to the airport...hmmmm. I dont have any money to contribute right now. I cant I am dead ass broke.

I am planning on chillin ALOT at the house this weekend...that is unless I am summoned by Matt to come there I will. I do need to clean on my car.

I have tried to be nice to Jeff the last couple of days asking him if he got his stuff and got his taxes done. He wont reply. I dont know why I bother. HE said he wanted to be friends. I could give a shit. But hey gimme an E for effort. He is a nutcase anyways.

Okay wellI guess I had better shower and stuff esp since I hafta stop for gas AGAIN and get some food together.




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