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5:31 a.m. - April 20, 2004
Easter ~ Revisited
Well I thought I would put up some photos of my easter adventure. But before aI do just a little biz to get outta the way...

Gina got back last yesterday. I figgered she would either be all about Stephen or not at all...nothing really has changed. I am gonna let nature take its course with him. She is so much like me. He will get on her last nerve and be gone. She told him I was pissed at him and thats good. mabe it'll make him stay home on girls night out instead of being a stalker type. She did say she was still planning on going with me to the car show...and thats a good thing...cuz I had given her a complete out on it.

Met a cute guy at work yesterday...he is an electrician. Names Victor. Prolly wont go anywhere but it did make the day fun.

Okay so here are pics of the Freak Show:

This is me and Matt at the bar...tastes like CHIKIN!

Driving...Taking Pics and Talking on the meaning to Multi-tasking...

Evul Shawn...He is really a pussycat!

And of course whats easter without a visit from some sort of easter bunny??

It was a fun as hell day!

What a great bunch of guys...

Okay well its again that time...time to SPAM people to come to the car show...6 DAYS!!!

Oh and just for the record Soy-Boy is on vacation and I am not liking it at all.



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