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6:09 a.m. - April 22, 2004
Much Ado about Nothing
Tick Tock Tick Tock...clocks tickin for the Nationals...and dammit..I am ready!!!!!

Okay Mentally I am ready...the car...not so alot to do.

Got email from Taime this Am...slurp...

I had fat head up my arse all day yesterday. Dont think I scored any points with anyone at work yesterday in a meeting. I had no business in it at all but oh well. Fat Head just likes the entourage to make him look good. He makes me wanna VOMIT. He actually told me that he thought I needed a hug yesterday and I SCREAMED..."I DO NOT WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME". Felt good.

He isnt around today. I can actually WORK!! Hell Yea!

Get paid today and gonna take care of one major pain in the ass bill and have all things square...well except the ticket thing...A few weeks and Ill do that too. Fuckin Cops.

I had PMS yesterday BAD...wanted to cry..Im over that....Today either the Pink eye is coming back or I am getting a sty...UGH not before the car show..cant I just get thru this weekend with no incident???

Speaking of incidents...Gina keeps calling Stephen to break up completely...he wont call her back...GAWD he is just like Jeff #2...extreemist...idiot...control freak...milquetoast...insecure...

I mean it with all my heart when I say..If ANYONE shows up and fucks up my weekend I will KILL as a not to all you bad elements...back the fuck off..and you KNOW who you are.

I redyed the pink streak...gotta go dry the mop and head out for the day...



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