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7:56 a.m. - April 27, 2004
fuckin DL
Well I wrote this really long entry at 4 am�then I had a fucked up computer error and Diaryland erased it. Pissed me off tho cuz I thought I had copied it ya know?

Anyway I was bitchin about my friends of course�and how I think its time to lay low and then go find some new ones. I need to stop going out so much and maybe throw myself into getting Punkin ready for some more shows.

I am so disappointed in Gina�I have called and Text messaged and emailed and gotten NOTHING from her. Well just goes to show ya�I guess we really weren�t friends after all. And when she was saying that I was using her...I think it was the other way around. I sincerely thought at one point I had found a really good person that would be my friend forever�DAMN IM STUPID.

I haven�t heard from Chantel either�Kinda done with that whole group. I do need my stuff back from her tho. Ill do that this week. I�ll call her and ask her to drop it by on her way home from work.

Christine stopped by Sunday. It was good to see her. She brought me the DVD of Blue Collar Comedy Tour�fuckin HILARIOUS...I miss her.

Well I am at work and am slammed to the walls so I am gonna go�I will try to be more on top of things �ugh�



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