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4:54 a.m. - April 28, 2004
Sentence Fragments

I usta love mornings...they come too soon recently.

Still no word form Gina. The countdown begins to non-association. Harsh? Maybe...Care? Yea...Tolerance? None.

Chantel called last night but I wasnt in a talky mood. Ill call her today.

Got an email from my friend Graham in Hawaii...he is coming out here for training June 6-9. We will hang when he is here. Its been a while. He is a sweetie.

Pop Tart Started up again with the text messages last night. So I told him I wanted to go out on the boat. we will see wont we. LOL. He is a loon. In some wierd way I miss him but maybe its cuz I am not doing to much right now ya know. I am sure he will go mental patient on me again and then it will all be stinky like it was before.

Got word from a guy at work that if I can write this access program I can get a promotion..I think I may work saturday. I need the money and I wanna stop working for Fat Head. It could be a step in the right direction. However it has been eons since I worked with access so I am gonna hafta use the book. I dont give a shit as long as I get it done ya know?

Its funny when I am going 100 mph I have so much to say and rant about...but when I lay low things are peaceful...I like a combo of bit and I think now is a good time to lay low as I have to get this car / license / warrant shit done. I dont wanna but I will...I am kinda diggin keeping to myself. It is keeping the burn out away and my skin looks better too...ahaha.

Did I mention a couple of gals I met ther PBF are gonna be comin down the 20th-ish to hang out from Canada...Should make for a crazy weekend.

Okay I cant see there is goo inmy eyes so I better get my rear in gear.



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