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4:53 a.m. - April 29, 2004
Gina ~ Update and Goodbye

Okay here is another Gina thought...

She wont answer my emails or calls..BUT will respond thru text messages. So yesterday I asked her for the 2 rolls of film of mine she has. She said she would leave them on her porch. Damn idiot KNOWS I am not driving. So I asked her to mail them. No response.

Then last night I get a text from her asking me if I knew Chantel was getting a tit job. WTF? Idle chat? I dont THINK so! We haven spoken in a week and she pulls that crap? And frankly, about Chantel's tits, I DONT CARE...(they still wont match mine..ha ha ha). Then I got a second text message from GIna telling me she would mail my film. I didnt respond. Fuck her.

So anyways in conclusion...I think she is back with her ex Chris. She always goes into 'wierd" when she is around him cuz she KNOWS it wont work out. I told her along time ago I wouldnt crucify her for backsliding but I guess that doesnt matter. Never dump friends for a fuck...thats my mantra but I forget she is young and hasnt figgered out who she is. So thats why she needs a man around all the time. Shit she cant go anywhere without one in tow. Its a little annoying.

I pity people who are so insecure. Yea I get lonely, who doesnt, but I have no problem with being alone. I am totally comfortable in my skin...

So I am gonna leave her be. It does make me sad. But whatever demons she is battling...I dont wanna be near it. Too much negative energy.

In the mean time I am gonna just focus on me and getting Punkin fixed. Oh and getting my life straight. Hopefully starting next week I can get all my BS in order. Its a pain not driving but it is saving me bux...Seriously. And it isnt like I have anywhere to go really.

Well on that note Im to be a lemming.



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