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4:37 a.m. - April 30, 2004
Hey to the Buds...
I need to wring out my brain.

I am tired, tired, tired, work is killing me.

Oh and the strain of some of my friends on my mental wellness its just NOT ACCEPTABLE. Unfortunately these idiots dont read this and dont know how exasperated (is that a word?) I am with them. Not that they care but ...

I talked to Chantel yesterday. Seems that Gina is flaking on everyone. And to add insult to injury...she is talking to Jeff. THATS IT. Thats really Not Okay.

I really gotta move on and get over this..Okay...done...

Looks like I am gonna be chillin here and working on the car for the majority of the weekend. The guys at work powdercoated my hubcaps and they look fuckin beautiful!!! Now I just gotta figger out whats wrong with the cooling system. Ugh I just havent been in the mood at all.

I am due for a little fun...maybe Ill go to Liquid Lounge ALONE on sunday. Or not. Maybe just chill. Fuck I dunno...See work is just sucking the life outta me...

Talked to another Jeff guy...cute...odd...I dunno what it is with these "jeffs", maybe I should steer clear? I mean I havent had any real luck with any of them.

I have had Adrian on my mind ALOT lately. I dont know why. Maybe its cuz he was the best thing ever in my lif and I wanna have that again? I know I cant go back but he is so hard to beat. I think Ill call him. He needs to come see me...

Wanna throw a YO out there to the people I know are reading this and are my friends to boot...Trudi, Matt, Vito and Cyanide. Thanks for being my buds and enduring my highs and guys ROCK!

Just for the record I see IP addresses when folks blow thru here and read my shit. I know who you are or at least where you are...hahaha. Thanks for keepin up folks its cool to see the return readers.

Okay I guess I need to get my ass in gear cuz Mark will be here to get me soon and I havent even started putting on my game face.



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