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5:00 a.m. - May 04, 2004
Dinner with Smitty
A couple of things to cover this AM...

First I had literally fucked up my internet on my computer at work. Somehow, I went to some seriously contaminated site. It added a fucked up tool bar and it wouldnt hold my homepage at all. I wanna throw a huge thanks to Mark for turningme on to Adaware. Its a spyware locater thats free and takes the bad shit off your puter...

SOOOO if you want it go to google and type in adaware and click on the link then download it. There was over 450 files and crap on my home computer and now its running like it is new. Damn I love Mark...

Second...Smitty came for din last night. I made Steaks and corn and green beans. Yum I did good last night. He ate everything and then hung out til like 11 & watched School of Rock.

He is a great guy...cant read him...part of me says Chantel may be right but if she was he wouldnt of called or wanted to see me after last night. I refuse to analyze it..He said he wants to go t Liquid Lounge for sure sunday so that could be cool. He is really rockin!

Okay I am out I am late and still a bit sticky from last night....

NO asshole I dont have A/C....ahahaha

Okay well maybe thats PART of it.



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