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4:39 a.m. - May 07, 2004
Weekend Cometh
Okay this is funny but stupid as hell

I feel a little better this AM then when I came i yesterday. I snapped at work again. I flipped out cuz I am tired of Fat Head telling me one thing and then doing something else or undermining me or anyone else for that matter. That idiot told me that ven tho the weasel is nice to me he is bastardizing me behind my back. So I called him on the carpet (the weasel that is) and let him know that if he is I knew about it. Fucker Fat Head. I am NOT gonna get all worked up about it but I will say, for the record that I have the convo between me and Weasel in my email box...OH YEA.

Oh and I also did tell him that fat head harasses me sexually. Here we go. Let the fun begin. UGH.

So I got an email from Smitty yesterday that he got his Real Estate License and he has been Uber Busy. Not a problem. Its all good tho I am goin gout with Rod tonight to Jaspers and then tomorrow AM...Garage Sellin with Mark and then who knows. If Smitty wants to see me he is gonna hafta do it Saturday or Sunday.

So it can be a decent weekend if I do things right.

Oh I think I forgot to mention that I got a letter from Santa Ana's finest and they dropped the count of suspended license. THANK THE GODS! Guess he couldnt Lay THAT on me. Couple more weeks and this should be all close to handled. I do need to delay my court date and get the rest of it taken care of once and for all.

Still no word from Gina. She was supposed to give me my film and it has been 3 weeks. I am text messaging her everyday and now I am gonna start emailing her. What a pain in the Ass.

Okay I am off to showa



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