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5:18 a.m. - May 10, 2004
Building the perfect Man #1
My weekend rates a 5. Nothing great..nothing not great.

Friday Night I went out with Rod. Pretty Sweet guy. Not a great kisser. And I think that he is past learning how to relax those lips...But I think he mighta just been looking to hook up. He had asked me out for Saturday night and emailed me to tell me that he thought he was just gonna stay home. Its good cuz I really didnt wanna go anyways. I didnt hear from him the rest of the weekend. And frankly that was fine.

I slept all fuckin day saturday. I mean til 3:30. Mark and Michael and I went to a few garage sales at 8 am. I did find a set of Altec Lansing Speakers for my puter for a buck and they ROCK!!! After we got home I went right back to bed. I think I was dying I dunno. I had woke up at 5 with a puker Migrane and I think that might be why I needed to rest. It was good sleep too. Shit I didnt even shower saturday.

Yesterday I laid around til the guys went to work. I went and got a little food at the store and ate. I think I have PMS. And then showered and made myself move around. Denise called and she and I went to the Goat for a couple of beers. It was nice and as much as we never see each other I am glad as all hell she and I are buds.

I came home and went back to bed...aahaha...I was gonna go to Liquid Lounge but I changed My mind since I had already been drinking and funds are tight.

I did think abou the perfect man for me and I think I found a pic of what I want him to look like:

This is no one famous...but I think if I hadta construct visual perfection this guy would hafta be him. Yea I do know him, But that isnt the point. If you gotta throw in all the other statistical factors...well no he prolly isnt the ideal..but physically yea. This is the building the perfect man part 1...this may take a while.

Okay well I am gonna try to get thru the week without losin it. Thats a joke I am fine...ahaha.



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