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4:59 a.m. - May 11, 2004
Sid and Nancy
First off I wanna say that I went back and read comments people left me on my entries (I get bad and dont do that all the time) and I wanna thank all of yu that have something posted...

Second...Toxic(My Sid) left me the most amazing post on the was just what I needed to read yesterday...esp after we talked about you and I being like Sid and made me feel so good and totally brightened my day..

Lovz you Matty...

Now I heard ffrom Smitty last night..he wanted me to drive over but it was like called me you come see we put it off til thursday...he will prolly flake...I dont care...Ill expect it, that way no disappointment..

I got an email from Rod...he is a sweet guy just not my So ya know...well at least I dont think so right now.

I am supposed to go to LA with Big Dawg friday to the My Space party...Right now I am diggin layin low and I am actually starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with bills and crapola. I think if I pass and keep my shit straight a while longer Ill be back rollin again like I wanna be...So I am prolly gonna pass on that invite. Plus I just do NOT wanna run into Jeff and Gina and I know I will.

Everyone mark your calendars...there is a AWESOME chili cook off at the Swallows Inn on the 22nd...gotta go support Trudi and drink beer and have a should be a fun day..

Okay well I am off to throw it all together...yay...



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