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4:50 a.m. - May 12, 2004
Good Ideas least last night Harley slept...night before last the little fucker mumbled and tore paper all fucking night. I usually will put my earplugs in but for some reason i was scared I wouldnt hear my alarm...why am I going on and on? That was 2 days ago.

I feel like its the calm before the storm for some reason. My phone hasnt rung really and everything seems to be at a wierd stand still. I dont like it. But maybe its the calm before something good...who knows.

I am supposed to see Smitty tomorrow night. We will see wont we???

I am supposed to go to the MySpace party with Bobby friday but I am gonna hafta tell him no...I know I mentioned it before but its just one of those things. I have been walking and trying to eat a little better...Dont need to booze it up too much or spend the money.

Heard thru the grapevine that PBF concert tour is cancelled. Thank the Gods I like in cali so if they do happen to gig I can go see them. I guess Steve is having an early set on of a midlife crisis. He just dont wanna go...big baby...cant say as I blame him...the rock and roll trash lifestyle is good for a bit but time forces you to grow up or die...Good Choice Steve!

Man I think I may seriously do NADA this weekend...hell Sammys band aint even playin...ahahah.

Talked to Tracy in Canada yesterday and her and Carey are gonna be here a week form today. I told them I would come up on Saturday after I get my warrant paid...ahhh that will be a great day....damn cops.

It just flashed thru my head...any Jeff I ever dated was a damn MORON...and i think for the record I am gonna avoid any "Jeff" like a plague...Good Idea Vic.



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