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12:52 p.m. - May 14, 2004
Sis Speaks
I hafta do this cuz I am sure you guys DO NOT go back and read any of the comments...

and Because my sister is my best friend....i must post her comment she left me on my Definition of Music entry....


Vicki's Sister - 2004-05-14 11:04:29

Okay, As I am sure you all know. I am the "Up tight" sister AKA June Cleaver as my siste calls me. For all of you to know. Yes I used to be a metal head as well as a skate punk. Yes I have seem Metallica and Ozzy as wall as Cinderella and the Bullet Boys in concert. BUT As most of you do not know..... My all time favorite band is Pink Floyd. If that is so, I cannot be too uptight. It is just hard to drive the Volvo witht he kids in the back seat and jam out loud (Floyd is always better loud) to Us and them. Really. Sometimes you have to take advantage of time alone, but still live int he real world... LET the 80's GO! Just enjoy in on occasion. Yes Vicki disagrees with me, but if you ask her, we have been known to Rock out together. At least until the "Vicki Shuffle" would happen. Just a note.... ALWAYS TAKE YOUR OWN CAR>>>> I learned this the hard way. HaHa. Yes, as I stated earlier I was a skate punk. I shaved my head and rode my veriflec on Melonna Burton's half pipe. I sucked but I looked cool. We would Rock to the Judy's and Jane's Addiction. That was a long time ago. One last thing before I go. Ask her about the good ole days at Borrowed money prior to tatoos and ask her how many different colors of ROPERS SHE OWNED! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. See YA!


Yea look here is my sis...can you picture THIS GIRL with a shaved head and on a skate board wearing Vans? NO?!

Well she did it...this is her and her Hub

She is my sis...Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin FREAK...and my best friend...

I love ya Kel!!!



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