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4:54 a.m. - May 17, 2004
Welcome Lil Al!
Seriously I do not wanna work today...REALLY.

I know Boss and I are gonna get into it cuz he was a total ASS to me saturday. I think the time has come to write that letter to HR. OH YEA. He talked to MOC about cutting off my OT cuz I didnt stay the full 8 hours on saturday.


Have I mentioned lately I HATE that fucker?????????

I had an UBER-FAB date with Smitty saturday night. Dinner and the Lakers game. He is a suprising guy. I still dont know if he is a player or not but I am not gonna think about it. I think it is just easier if I dont.

This week and weekend is gonna be a killer. Tracy and Carey come down from Canada and I am going out with them on saturday. I am getting my warrant paid for Friday so I can drive again. I have a chili cookoff to go to saturday and I am or was supposed to ride with Ken on the Harley, BUT, I wanna take my car. I wanna leave when I am ready to without having to worry about dealin with someone else. I am sure I am gonna be hurtin sunday.

Its funny...I have really enjoyed layin low...want to do more of it...It isnt so bad. I would rather have Carey and Tracy come down for the night on sunday and go to Liquid Lounge. I wanna go to Hollywierd BUT...there is always that BUT.

I got ANOTHER bird last night. The neighbors were gonna let this little parakeet go so like an ass I took it. But the boys love him so its okay. We are gonna call him Lil Al.

I am thinking of burning what I call "the Diary" CD. A compliation of all the music on here that has lyrics and also the crap I listen too...If any one wants one jut let me know.

Okay well gotta get ready to jam...UGH Mondays suck.



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