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5:05 a.m. - May 24, 2004
My weekend
The weekend...hmmm.....lets see.

Okay Friday night Britt and I went to see Sammy play down at Canyon. Jill was there...THAT was wierd cuz I havent seen her since before New Years...esp since she and I had our fallin out. BUT...we are back on speaking terms. Prolly nothing like we were but whatever, Its all good.

Smitty showed up. I had text messaged him and he and chad did come rolling in. The gal he had been seein Cheryl was there...SHE is an IDIOT. I left him alone...I am stilld deciding if he is worth any sort of effort. I came home No big.

I was gonna go to LA on saturday. But come to find out there was Uber-Drama between Tracy and Carey about some guy. I know him and I dont even think he is cute...BUT...long story short I guess if I had been there it wouldnt of happened (says Raine). I hate Drama. But I did talk to Tracy and its all good...But Carey is no where around..Glad I am not on that plane to Canada...ya know?

I ended up stayin home sat night. Went to the Chili cookoff with Trudi saturday day. She didnt win. Thios year wasnt as off the hook as last year. Maybe cuz I was sober...anyways I was supposed to ride on a Harley out there but I didnt. The dude showed up anyways, He was okay...didnt get the tinglys...dont care. I wasnt in the mood.

Yesterday I went and saw Skky at work and picked up some burd chow. Pretty much uneventful. It was okay tho. Adrian called and we talked for 2 hours yesterday. He told me his step mom was gonna give him air miles to come see me. OMG...I cant believe it. I thought when he told me that he was kidding but aparantly not. I am so excited...damn this will be cool.

So friday they started their investigation of boss and the things I have accused him of. EEK. I really dont want him to find out. I just want him to go away. I gotta go thru this thing and pull out all the entries about him...

Okay well I am headed to work so ....Ill update later if I have time If not just wait til tomorrow...



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