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5:51 a.m. - May 27, 2004
More on Fat Head
Well I get a call at 5 AM...Its my sister driving herself into the hospital cuz she is having contractions. NOT OKAY. The baby isnt due til august. I wanna be home to be with her. Cone is in Dallas but on his way to meet her...STILL...she shouldnt be alone!!!! ARGH

The HR department talked to Fat Head yesterday. After that he was in my office all day making snide remarks like "OH I shouldnt say THAT somone might take OFFENSE to it". I wanted to bitch slap the fucker. But instead I just ignored him and worked. Then he took me outside and told me that he was bringing my replacement. THAT is music to my ears but in the mean time he is gonna try to make me miserable and he can set me up and make it look like I am not doing my job and fire me. I hate this man with all the fibers of my being.

Okay well enuf of that. I dont wanna get myself more worked up than need be. I just wanna go to work and do my thing less bothersome bs ya know?

Anways I just gotta get thru today and tomorrow. Oh he did tell me that I waas not to get anymore over time. Then I asked him how come becuase all the other people in the departments were getting OT why am I the only one that cant. He said it was cuz he was getting yelled at about the time punches. I said it didnt seem right that they would only bitch about MY punches. So he send out an email to the whole department wanting manual time cards for the rest of the week and then he said that any OT had to be approved...thre is the loop hole he wont approve MINE. FUCKER. Just for the record I am documenting all this here so I have it. It is gonna be alot of BS about fat head but what else can i do?

Okay I am off for shower....ciao



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