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5:58 a.m. - May 28, 2004
Rollin into Memorial Day Weekend
The war began yesterday. They did another talk with Fat Head. He was a total jerk off to me. Sent me an email and CC'd it to his boss and HR that I was in Violation of the NO Radio policy and that he had told me over and over again that I needed to take it home. Thing is everyone KNEW i had that radio including HR...he is just doing what he can to be a prick...oh and its working. But now I am in Battle stance and I Am not putting up with his bullshit. Last man Standing will be a WOMAN...fucker.

No Plans tonight which is fine...the next couple of days may be long and rough soooo...ugh...oh and thats not a bad ugh.

I need to start going thru shit for my yard sell in a thats an UGH. I am selling everything. Damn ya know I have alot of CRAP.

I have a couple of good things in the hopper and a couple of not so good things...nothing I care to discuss.

Roman was supposed to come over yesterday and we had the discussion that if he was going to be late to call...he was gonna be here at Roman...that was it..done no more. Pop tart called at 12:30 last night...WHY? WHY? WHY? Damn I was crashed and had the phone turned off. I am blowing off the big search once again. No word from Smitty and I am truly tired of trying ya know. So I am gonna do my own thing as usual and just keep on truckin...I am so glad its friday.

On another note I am worried about my friend Cyanide...he is talking kinda crazy and not wanting to do his Diary and stuff...Hunny listen..the diary keeps you just need outta the Rockies...take a long out the 2 people that mean the most to you and spend the next 3 days with them will be right as rain on monday and ready to ROCK OUT! I am here if you need me...

It has come to my attention that I havent Lyric'd it up in a while so for old times sake I will post some lyrics....not the whold song but this is for Fat head (the whole song doesnt waork but this verse does...

Baby, baby why won't you let me be

You're a major pain in the ass

And I don't need the hassle can't ya see

Please I need some peace of mind

That I was hoping I would find

But you just kept a buggin

'Til I was crawlin under the rug and baby

Stressin, jump back baby back away

Get off my back you monkey

You got my nerves jumping like a junkie today

Get it, hit it

Poison ivy you come creepin up right behind me

You make me itch, baby you're so unkind

Poison, baby you're like poison ivy

You make me itch and I'm all out of Calomine

Okay in the mean time i am outty to go to the hell dimension ...

OH PS...

Faster Pussycat made the 100 Most Metal Moments twice.The interviews were done in Hollywood with Taime, and at Hard Rock hotel in Vegas with Brent last month, and the first episode will start on May 31st.

98.Faster Pussycat singer scratches crotch with fan's prosthetic arm - Monday May 31st 2004 10/9c PM

15. Faster Pussycat drummer receives a special drug delivery - Friday June 4th 2004 10/9c PM

Watch it!!!



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