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6:01 a.m. - June 02, 2004
Fuckin FEET

I dont know what I did but what ever I did, I did it to both feet. Its on the outside ...ya know like it is bruised. FUCKIN OW.

And lemme tellya..the moon if full and the freaky shit is starting...HOLY CRAP.

So I guess if I keep it up I will have a different date every day for the next week at least. EGAD

Last night I get a call From Steve...okay I went out with him back sometime last year when I was hanging with Jill around Thanksgiving. Tennis Pro, friend of her ex husbands...some wierd shit like that. He is breezing thru town wants to go out tonight. K Ill Bite.

Jaymz wants to go out Thursday. Been putting him off a week..K Ill bite.

Tony Friday..who the hell is he anyways? Maybe

Concert on Saturday and a Garage Sale to do.

Sunday....uh yea LL...feet gotta be careful with my feet.

RB may be coming in town and if that is the case then all else is cancelled.

Graham will be here Sunday but I prolly wont see him right away. He will be here 2 weeks. He can wait.

And funny thing...All I wanna do is sleep. Ima loser ahahahaha.

Not really, shit I am always bitchin that my life is boring and I want a date so fuck it Im going. Now if Steve ges done playing tennis too late I prolly wont go. I shoulda let Jaymz come by last night but I wanted to be alone-ish.

Okay well on that note I am gonna limp my broken ass into the shower and get ready to NOT enjoy work. Have I mentioned lately I hate my boss?



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