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5:40 a.m. - June 08, 2004
The Departure of RB
Okay besides the fact that my feet are totally fucked up beyond any type of reason my weekend was also fucked. I must recap and here ya have it...gawd...Sorry Vito that I havent posted I know you are mad..

Okay so thursday after work I needed to go to the store and get some food. Russ and Michael went with and I almost collapsed from the pain in my feet. I have a high tolerancce for pain but i cant take this....So it was off to the house and I put them up. I seriously thought I was gonna die.

Then friday I took off for the day and RB came down from San Fran. I will get into that whole thing in a sec.

Friday night I stayed home cuz I just cant walk.

Saturday was my yard sale. Fuckin beaners dont wanna pay for nothin...but, I made about a hundo and spent 40 of it buying shit from my neighbors. I got piss drunk out in the sun and was still hurting.

In comes Jill to the rescue and brings me some darvocet. They have helped so much but knock my ass out. Anyhow RB was restless so we (me, jill and him) went to Mutts for a couple of beers. There were some total hotties of them, Lance came and hung out with us (me and jill) sunday night. Yea I went to LL for a bit. I HAD To get away from RB and the house or I would go MAD. No dancing just sitting and listening to tunes. My feet just hurt too fuckin bad. Damn Plantar Tendon.

Anyways...I need a favor from all of you that know me. If I EVER mention having a man come and stay with me for any length of time smack me...HARD!

I let RB come down here from SF...he waned to stay 2 weeks..after 2 days i was pretty much DONE.

He is nice enuf...just needy and moody and not for me. I kinda knew we wouldnt be an item after talking to him on the tele...oh wait...I didnt talk, he does all the talking. He wasnt a good house guest and I guess thats the problem. He left filty dishes with food in them in the kitchen. Tv and lights blasting and blaring when he left the room, fucked up my computer so much that I started turning it off all the time. Never bought me dinner or even offered. Never offered to put gas in the car. It was bad cuz he was 'telling' me to take him here and there...whatever.

Here is the big kickers tho...he contradicted himself on many of the 'stories' he told me. I dont know what the deal is with his kids but he started crying on sunday about them. (literally..tears crying). My thought was ..."dude you shoulda gone to see them instead of coming here...seriously" I dont wanna be mean but Im thinking if you got so much drama in your life that needs attention the last thing you need to be doing is coming on a road trip to party...or not party, whatever the situation is.

He talks about how he is getting involved ina a start up biz (say it..UNEMPLOYED)... and he is working on buying and Audi A4 (say it...CARLESS)..he also said the 'friend' he is staying with has been out of town and he has been staying there while he was gone, but now his friend is back and blah ablah blah (say it ...HOMELESS). How can i be so ignorant one minute not to see all this ya know? I am sure if he has enuf money to pay for an Audi A4...he should have a job and a house or at least a flat of his own..."hmmm" she says in dismay.

Seemed to me like he tried very diligently to SELL himself to me. It was like he was trying not only to convince me of how successful he is and his potential to be, but like he was telling himself too. Seemed very forced and very very sad. This guy needs to find inner peace with himself and not take shit on MySpace so seriously. He reads WAY to much into a website that is a playground...

Skky told me there was drama all over that site...took me longer to see it. All in all he is a nice guy that has alot of demons to deal with. ANd may i just add another man to the shelf that really couldnt keep up with me and my simple life...I wish only the best for him and hope he finds that thing he is looking for...Success, family, job, blah blah blah...unfortunately he just didnt fit the rock & roll life I lead.

In the mean time I am gonna head back to the pool of sharks and play some more (foot pain allowing of course).



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