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5:35 a.m. - June 09, 2004
Seein Graham
Well hump day has arrived...good.

My feet are starting to feel better I even went to the mall with Graham last night for a bit and they didnt hurt.

He is so cool. I am glad we are friends. He cracks me up cuz he sends me this email about how he cant 'do' anything with me becuz he has a woman now...but then when I ask him he said it was over already...ahahaha. I know him to well. He is so funny.

We went over to Harley Davidson but by the time we got there they were closed so we went to Westminster Mall and got him some chaps. Then we went to Second Spin and he bought me the cd I wanted (AWWWWWW) and then took me to dinner at Haus of Pizza.

ALOT of guys here could take a lesson in how to be a good Boy-friend/date from Graham. (HINT HINT RB)

I tell ya if he wasnt in Hawaii...I might just try to work out things with him. He is a rocker, a biker and a great heart...just the whole package...very cool.

Ham called last night and she hasta bring her dads computer over to get fixed...damn she is coming by tonight and I think Jaymz may come over. I gotta let him and get it outta the way. We have been playing tag for 3 weeks...ugh.

Mark comes home this weekend...I think I may see him next week..we will see.

I think I need to fill my days and nights full of fun people and new people like I used to...ya

I need it. I have a 'date' tomorrow nite I think with a guy named Lance. I dunno we will see how that goes. so I am planning on staying home and Saturday Nicks band plays at Bamboo Terrace. Sammy is also playing at the Harp this weekend. YAY...i need to get out. (Like I dont go out enuf). However I seriously wouldnt have any problem not going out til sunday...

Why am I worried about this now???? UGH

On a different note...Cyclops called yesterday...fuckin Smalley fired her. I cant believe it. She was with Wyndham almost as long as me and busted her ASS for that hotel...working all hours and all weekends and doing audit...he must be HIGH...him and his fuckin little troll Robin...However I am glad cuz she needed a boot in her ass to get a new job. I am sure however, like me, she got a little upset last night at bed time. I was all acting happy when I quit but the fact is that after so many years you get a little attached ya know? Well in the long run she will be better off. Fuck Wyndham I say... Ya know I was thinking...there is none of the old crew there anymore...shit that sux...

Okay well its off to shower and get the hell outta here...I hate work but until I get off my ass and get something else...fuck Im stuck.



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