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6:03 a.m. - June 10, 2004
Hen Party
So Last Night Cyclops, Ham and Scary came over to visit. Shit they stayed til close to midnight just lafin and catching up...I havent seen Scary for eternity. Bitch lost 60 pounds...she almost looks like a skeleton...egad...Almost too much weight for her. She is tiny and wow.

Okay so anyways we just sat around and gabbed and gabbed was good...

I am supposed to go to have drinks with this guy Lucas tonight. If he calls me that is. Ill go, I dont care, it should be fun. As long as I am home at a decent hour. CSI is on you know.

Im am kinda exhausted. I am wanting to stay home this weekend ...well til sunday. Stuart is gonna meet me at LL.

My sis called this am. She went to see Clapton last night and said the show was horrible. She said all it was, was screaming guitar solos and blues music and that he didnt even do an encore. HMMMM...makes me wonder WHY I DONT LISTEN TO THAT SHIT...Thanks Ill stick to my long hair least the music is ALWAYS rocking..

Okay well I gotta get petrol so I am outty...




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