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5:39 a.m. - June 11, 2004
Well I didnt do jack shit last night but I can say TGIF...

I was supposed to go out with Lucas last night but I honestly was not feeling it. Is THAT a big suprise? I was so tired from the night before I wanted to just chill out ya know? So I did. I went with Michael and we walked 3 miles. and then came home and watched CSI.

I am excited about my job interview tomorrow. I really wanna ace it so I can get outta APW or at least away from Fat Head.

I am thinking I am just gonna stay home and chill tonight, watch a little tube.

I was suprised yesterday to hear from the little Yum Yum Lance from sunday. He said he might wanna hang out this weekend..OKAY! Ill take that..Sometimes Jill is such an ass..she said "yea I didnt give him the time of day did I? can have him" Thanks Jill..I believe I met him first

So the plan falls like this...Tonight nada most likely...Tomorrow Im gonna chill here at home and then possibly go out...however I am still no positive. I am supposed to go see Nick play and take my geetar. I gotta slow up on the boozin...seriously. And then Sunday I am going to Liquid Lounge....alone most likely. Britt might wanna go but I am not sure.

Fuck ya know I havent talked to Britt of Chantel or anyone. Smitty is MIA and Sammy hasnt hit me up either. I am thinking everyone is uber busy. Which is fine. Its just odd as hell.

Okay well its time to get my rear in gear and get to hell....More on monday unless I am bored outta my mind this weekend...




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