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5:35 a.m. - June 14, 2004
Weekend Warriors
Ya know its not like there is anything REALLY fun going on...yet...I still gotta be out in it.

Friday Night Jill felt the need. I was gonna stay home but OKAY I say and away we go. Pierce Street. No dancing. We basically just tolerated stupid fucks. It was funny tho. Then we left there and went to the Goat. It was okay. I met a guy and his friend was talking to Jill. We talked them into going to the Harp with us and all was well, at first...I liked him...of couse as it always goes Jill doesnt like his friend. So when I told the guy Jill hada Boyfriend...they split. GREAT....

Then saturday rolls around. I sleep the major part of the day and Jill wants to go out. I was going to see Admiral Krunch and Prophecy at the Bamboo Terrace so Jill tagged along. We hadnt been there thru 3 songs from Krunch and she was ready to go. Fortunately I wasnt feelin it either and really wasnt in the mood to go out anyways. So we left there and went back to Goat for night two. All we did there was be bothered by a drunk Spicoli look alike and his friends. When we went to close our tab one of the drunk guys grabbed Jills ass and the fight ensued. Jill hauled off and kicked this guy and the ounced assumed the position to give these guys the old heave ho. All I wanted to do was go home.

Well yesterday I went over to hang with Jill and her family. It was her youngests birthday so we went and ate and chilled over there. Then we went to Liquid Lounge. Yummy Lance and Nick from Prophecy and Ray showed up to hang with us...OF COURSE...i leave and Lance is all over Jill. SHE KNEW I liked him and just lets it happen. She told me he kissed her and she told him that wasnt cool that I liked him...why would she even let him kiss her? I thought he might be fun to hang with but he is out. And Jill and I need to have a talk like NOW about this shit. Its not that big of a deal but it is. If she keeps it up I wont be able to hang with her. There is no honor among thieves but this isnt cool. She has men everywhere..she doesnt need the ones I like...Oh well cest la vie...

I like going out with Jill and everything about her but the fact that she wants every guy in the room. I guess its better to find out they are scuz before I get anywhere ya know?

OKay well enuf of my bitching I am gonna go to work...Oh speaking of which...the interview went very well...deterrent? They dont pay shit. So unless they come up with 3 bux an hour more I cnat change fucking jobs...DAMMIT.



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