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5:41 a.m. - June 15, 2004
And out of Nowhere....
Wierd shit....

Last night I get home form work and bee line for the puter (as usual). when I log onmy Yhaoo I have all these 'offline' messages. One is from someone with a screen name tonytimmy or some shit...My computer was going nuts with IM's so I ignored it.


This cat comes back online and starts talking to me. No harn that happens all the time. But something was wierd. So I asked him if we had met...YEP...Freak didnt tell me that from the start...ARGH!

So we get to chatting and luckily for me I write everything down right? Well sorta...So he reminds me a bit about what was going on the weekend that we met. It was the first time I had gone to see Admiral Krunch. Okay soooo I knew I could look it up on here, so I did.

This particular night I had gone to Habana and called Suzi to come meet me...From what I gather I met him at the Huddle after I got done at Habana and Suzi had gone with me. Dude..I didnt mention him at ALL. I mean nothing. And that is wierd. I write down everything. Well anyways I remember bits and pieces. I remember sitting utside...I remember poaying pool with another couple that was very mismatched. I remember walking outside to my car and leaving. But I dont remember him at all. I mean how insignificant does someone hafta be to not warrant a mention or even spark a memory.

So I called Suz...she remembers a little...She said she knew nothing happened with him and that I thought he was a nice guy just no spark. Maybe I was drunk form Habana? Maybe I was still hung up on the Jew? Maybe Sammy was in the picture? She said it could have been any of those but she didnt rememebr him either, just the night...vaguely...

I ended up talking to him on the phone for about 45 mins and he is nice enuf. I just have no I thought well...okay...Ill meet him..hell e could have potential and last time the timing was off ya know? I dunno...wierdness...

I should hear frm Petco today...Im not going to hold my breath on this one...and Boss is an ass to me and I think he is setting me up for failure but who knows. I know if I could get in the door at petco that I could do well. I just can not afford a cut in pay...bottom line.

Okay well on that note I am gonna dry my nails and get int he shower for another day of pure pleasure.

Here is the link to the diary entry form when i met this guy so you can see what Im talking about...

Sunday...goin ta Freds



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