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5:41 a.m. - June 17, 2004
Stupid Men
Well I dont guess the mystery guy is gonna call. Which is fine I suppose. I mean if he calls tonight to meet Im not gonna go cuz he shoulda called yesterday. Fucker why even bother?

Talked to Adrian last night. I think he is coming out over Labor Day, which is a good thing...I miss him...he is still arrogant and cocky but I think thats why I always loved him. I cant miss anymore work til he is here. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I was thinking about going to meet this cat Skylor for drinks tonight but I think I would prefer to come home and do my hair.

Bobby and I talked for almost two hours last night (Big Dawg).

He and me and abunch of other people are going to Ozzfest in July. Im dragging Jill of course. The only hitch? Gotta give bood. Okay so THATS kinda icky but whatever.

I told Jill that Richard could go to Hollywierd with us Saturday night. Prolly NOT a good thing but fact is it will keep JIll reined in a bit and last thing I need is another Liquid Lounge Incident. I think I would seriously KILL if she was hitting on Taime...GRRRRR.

I mean I know I am not gonna go there with him its just a fact ya know? I have been obcessing about that fucker alot lately...GOTTA STOP!

So the weekend looks like this...Tomorrow night go up an dhang out with Jill and th eboyz if Im not too tired. Saturday off to Galaxy Exchange to get something neato to wear and then to Rainbow. Sunday LL of course...

Oh I forgot to mention Drunk guy (Mark) and his wishy washiness...all bets are off with him. The Idiot couldnt make up his mind about anything. What he was doing, if he wanted to see me ya know I just told him to forget it. Cute as hell but a drunk none the less.

Fuckin Stupid. I am so over it, seriously...

Oh shit Paco just flew into the bathroom gotta go... Oh let me know if Pics help to see who Im talking about yo!



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