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5:47 a.m. - June 21, 2004
Rock & Roll Rules the Night!
I love it here.

I dont know for sure all the details over the weekend BUT...I had a fuckin blast...Yea I was piss drunk. I got roll of film I cant wait to use up and get developed.

So Friday night I went over and took care of Denise. Fucking clutz stepped off a curb wrong and fucked up the top of her foot. So she bought the piza and I bought the beer and we watched TV and chatted. Here is a pic of us at Manhattan Beach a couple of weeks ago.

Jill, Denise and I...

Then Friday rolled around..Jill and I went shopping for a bit and I found soem uber cool pants with buckles and zippers all iver them. Look like Michael Jackson but I dont care I like em. Before I go much further here are a couple of pics from Canyon Inn and Liquid Lounge of me and the gang...

Britt, Me, Cindy and Jill

Me and Britt at LL

Okay so anyways Jill and I went up to LA to the Rainbow...

This is where old school rockers and new school all come together to just get fucked up major...and that we did..this bar has been around as long as the whisky...I still am drunk I think...

Anyways the pics from there will be up in a few but in the mean time here is a few people we hung with...this is Nick..her rocks he is in a Queensryche Tribute band and has been hanging with me for the last few weeks...totally awesome guy.

His friend Harry who is HOT HOT HOT is here from Germany and he also introduced me to Sabrina and Tina, a couple of New peeps...Jill was loving my friend Jimmy (who despite his oddness is prolly one of the funniest fuckers alive)...Here is Jimmy...Yea he was there..

Anyways the night rolled on til 4am when Jill and I finally got home...DAMN we were all so wasted and Jill and I went to Mel's diner afterwards to eat...and of course caused a rukus there too...I havent had that much fun in I dont know how long. We were just hanging with the Rockers...something happens to you when you are in aplace like that...its so cool. We talked on the way home and decided to go back at least once a month...ahahahah...YAY!!! I fukin love the NOW and I know Ill be going back really really soon.(like say weekend after next???ahahahaha) I am sure Tina will go if Jill is up Richards ass...

Last night I went to Liquid Lounge, Nick and Harry and Tina and Ray was fun. I slept all day yesterday and came home from there at midnight. Yea I am pooped out but its all good.

I have been talking to Tracy alot and I am thinking she is gonna blow off Boston and just come straight to CA. I told her she could stay here but I dont want her to think its gonna be an all out party 24/ no is a pic of T...

She is wicked cool and I dont care if she stays here but she hasta a dog huh? I just dont want too many disruptions ya know?

Jill had told her "boyfriend" to beat it sat night when she was wasted but apparantly she made up with him yesterday and he already has her booked for the whole weekend coming up. I dont care screw it...Jill just cant be without a man I guess...idjet. So Im not gonna ask her to do anything or go anywhere ...I dont wanna have the shit go down that did last time sooooo...she can come find me. And while I am out becoming almost famous...she can be home and bored. Bitter?...naw...over it?...Yah.

Did I mention Adrian is coming out for Labor day? THAT is gonna be the best! I am gonna take off friday and tuesday that weekend so I can take him aroung...I love ya A and I am ready!!!and Tracy...get your ass out here so I dont hafta drink alone in the mean time...

Okay I needta wake up so I am off to showa...Peace!



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