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6:01 a.m. - June 22, 2004
Nip/Tuck Season Premier!!
The day I have been waiting for for absolutly too damn long...YEPPERS Season Premier...

Mark (Soy Boy) is coming over at 9 and we are having real popcorn (none of this microwave BS) and he and Michael and I are watching it together...

I can Not get enuf of Dr. Troy!!!

If you didnt watch it last year then thats sux for you..but you can redeem yourself by tuning in this year as I will be talking about it on here I am sure!!!

Nothing majorly exciting on the home front. I talked to Nick yesterday, he is taking a date saturday night so I may not go after all. Not that I give a crap I just dont want there to be any wierdness. He did ask me to come over and watch TV sometime..ok..Ill go ..he's cool.

Jimmy called last night..retard didnt leave me his number. Ill catch him later...

No word from mystery man...Im thinking of just blowing that gig off all together...

Damn...Lance just keeps on calling and text messaging...I tried setting him straight but he dont get it...dork.

And speaking of setting straight...I told Jill I am not competing with that Ass Clown she is dating for her time. He can have her and she needs to know that when he fucks up that I will still be here...But I am not gonna be calling her to go out. She is gonna hafta come to me...cuz I am sick of the games and drama...I havent got any except self created shit and the last thing I need is her Soap Box Life getting in the way of my bein me ya know? Anyways ..she will get sick of him...I honestly think the only thing thats keepin her around is that he gives her cash...

Tracy may be here in a week or two. I think she wants to stay in Hollywood, which is fine but she is gonna have a couch to crash on here anytime...she cant just come here and wing it...ARGH!! Oh well that isnt my problem either now is it?

Okay well thats about it for today..I really didnt do nothing but come home and pass out last night and it was nice. Im off to get ready for hell...




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